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Safety of Metallic Raw Material for Recycling

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The objectives of the Committee are:

  • To deliberate the detection, safe removal and disposal of radioactive, explosive and other hazardous material from the metallic raw material for recycling stream in South Africa or any material in Southern Africa that may affect the metallic raw material for recycling industry in the Republic of South Africa.

  • To co-operate with any other organisation(s) or person(s) to promote the efficiency of identifying and disposal of hazardous material.

  • To promote and disseminate to members of participating associations and the authorities any information or recommendations of value and use to them in terms of hazardous metallic raw material for recycling

  • To invite organisations in the local metallic raw material for recycling industry and government representatives to subscribe to the Committee's objectives.

  • HAZCOM is committed to compliance with the Competition Act (Act 89 of 1998).

  • "Hazardous material" is metallic raw material for recycling which has the possibility of affecting the well-being of any employee in the metallic raw material for recycling industry or the public domain by ionisation, chemical contamination or explosive content.   

Be aware of hazardous material

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Radioactivity Explosives Closed Containers
Radioactivity Explosives Closed Containers

Contact the appropriate authority in order to have the particular hazardous material professionally managed.

For an overview see the poster: Hazardous scrap in all metal processing industries

Hazardous Scrap Poster

(Click on image to open poster)

Disclaimer: The HAZCOM Committee secretariat has based this website on information obtained from sources it believes to be reliable but which are not independently verified. The HAZCOM Committee secretariat makes no guarantee, representation or warranty and accepts no responsibility or liability as to its accuracy or completeness.